• UAB Betonika production quality assessment of Sweden and Norwegian certificates

    2015 07 10

    UAB Betonika production processes evaluate by quality KONTROLLRADET (Norway) and NORDCERT AB (Sweden) certificates. In July this year after nearly a year of  investigations, inspections and manufacturing processes - long-awaited assessment of certification institutes in Scandinavia.

    These certificates confirm the extremely high requirements of precast concrete products quality, and ensure production quality control processes.

  • Non-slip horizontal concrete surfaces

    2015 06 02

    Non-slip, safe and aesthetically horizontal concrete surfaces compliance with the safety requirements, durability, manufactured in our factory!

    Using special certified matrix we can produce non-slip horizontal surface according to Your requirements-  all types of stair flights, landings, curbs, parking areas paving elements entrances elements (ramps) are available.

    Aesthetically and certified patterns choice! Fast installation! High quality factory! Special durability!

  • Implemented project of cottages in Oslo

    2015 06 02

     UAB Betonika together with partners, the real estate development company, successfully implemented the individual cottages complex project in Oslo, Norway. The project has been produced and delivered a three-layer and one layer wall, hollow and solid slabs, stairs, landings and other items. Our partners remained extremely satisfied with the quality products and fast delivery.

  • SAFETY DAY 2015 - "Health and work safety day"

    2015 03 25

    Safety dayOn Friday, March 20 th, 2015, Betonika JSC held the second annual event initiated by Consolis - SAFETY DAY 2015 - Health and Safety at Work Day . Purpose of this event is to promote and ensure that all levels of staff  comply with the maximum safety requirements and to protect his or her health. On this day, employees learned about LEAN "Continuous Process Management and Improvement", civil protection (how to deal with air hazard, flood, explosion, sabotage cases) and load hangers and working height (ladders, scaffolding and belt use at work) training.
    The company continually improving management processes, while improving environmental protection, occupational safety and health performance. And this is confirmed to reach safety results- number of occupational accidents each year decreases. Betonika JSC in 2014 reached a 6-point indicator and is one of the "safest" Consolis companies in the group.

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