• SAFETY DAY 2015 - "Health and work safety day"

    2015 03 25

    Safety dayOn Friday, March 20 th, 2015, Betonika JSC held the second annual event initiated by Consolis - SAFETY DAY 2015 - Health and Safety at Work Day . Purpose of this event is to promote and ensure that all levels of staff  comply with the maximum safety requirements and to protect his or her health. On this day, employees learned about LEAN "Continuous Process Management and Improvement", civil protection (how to deal with air hazard, flood, explosion, sabotage cases) and load hangers and working height (ladders, scaffolding and belt use at work) training.
    The company continually improving management processes, while improving environmental protection, occupational safety and health performance. And this is confirmed to reach safety results- number of occupational accidents each year decreases. Betonika JSC in 2014 reached a 6-point indicator and is one of the "safest" Consolis companies in the group.

  • 2015 03 05
  • BATE stadium in Belarus

    2014 05 05

    UAB ‘Betonika’ continues penetration into Belarus market. In spring of 2012 Betonika signed  contract with general contractor OAO ‘Strojtrest No.3 Ordena Oktiabrskoj revoliuciji’ regarding precast concrete supply for stadium in Borisov, Belarus. This stadium will meet the needs of BATES football club.  It will accommodate over 13 thousands spectators. The stadium will conform to UEFA requirements and there will be arranged matches at the international level.

  • „Betonika” has been awarded the Lithuanian Export Prize 2012

    2013 02 19

    JSC “Betonika” this year is one of the best exporting companies in Lithuania. On the 8’th February, 2013 the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevičius awarded Lithuanian Export Prize to JSC “Betonika” Managing Director Vytautas Niedvaras.

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