BATE stadium in Belarus

2014 05 05

UAB ‘Betonika’ continues penetration into Belarus market. In spring of 2012 Betonika signed  contract with general contractor OAO ‘Strojtrest No.3 Ordena Oktiabrskoj revoliuciji’ regarding precast concrete supply for stadium in Borisov, Belarus. This stadium will meet the needs of BATES football club.  It will accommodate over 13 thousands spectators. The stadium will conform to UEFA requirements and there will be arranged matches at the international level.

BATE stadium was designed by Slovenian architects ‘Ofis architekti’. Different size rounded holes in the walls will give an impression of light and dynamics. UAB ‘Betonika’ is responsible for precast concrete construction that holds the frame.

UAB ‘Betonika’ took the opportunity to produce precast concrete for this exclusive project, because of  good collaboration experience with others ‘Consolis’ companies and their long-lasting experience in precast concrete production for grand stadiums in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine and etc.

Bate stadionas