Precast concrete leader Consolis Group

International CONSOLIS group was formed in 2005 and associated the Finnish capital group of companies Consolis Oy Ab and French precast concrete market leader Bonna Sabla SA.

Today Consolis concern owns precast concrete plants in 32 countries, from Scandinavia to North Africa, from Western Europe and the Baltic countries to Indonesia. Consolis activities involves - rail infrastructure, residential and non-residential buildings and infrastructure. Production bases is a wide range of products: slabs, walls, railway sleepers, the structural elements of bridges and tunnels and more. Concern has large production capacity, and successfully participates in the largest construction projects.

Leading production capacity helps improve the supply of raw materials and employee-owned companies to use the knowledge and expertise to accelerate the introduction of new processes and the development of new products. Consolis Technology Oy Ab technology development center  set up Finland  provides advanced solutions in precast concrete technology: Green office, BREAAM, Thermo Deck, Parmaplastering.

Consolis Group companies share the precast concrete structure design, production, installation and technical consulting experience, so UAB Betonika can offer clients the most advanced technical solution, proven in world markets. In large-scale projects, the group's companies can co-operate and to ensure that all products produced on the right time.