Non-residential buildings

Solutions of precast concrete structures is the right choice for construction of administration, shopping, warehousing, production and public purpose buildings.  

Betonika UAB supplies prefabricated structures for construction of small-scale and large-scale production enterprises. Usually a construction system consists of columns, long floor joists and hollow core slabs, with a help of which intermediate floors can be installed throughout the entire building, or just its part. Precast concrete structures are able to withstand large loadings, and they are durable. This is extremely important when these structures function in constantly humid surroundings, for example, in high humidity environments of paper mills. The walls can be load bearing ones, facades have aesthetic appearance and be finished completely.

Betonika UAB offers for construction of warehouses, factories, shopping centres, logistics centres, offices and gyms the Bashallen® system, created by Consolis group. The system allows forming of large internal open spaces, where equipment can be arranged without restriction, and layout of premises be planned flexibly. Betonika UAB in the annual contest Lithuanian Product of the Year – 2005 was awarded a gold medal for Bashallen ® system application to DSV Transport logistics terminal in Vilnius.

The following shopping malls and stores in Lithuania have been built from precast concrete constructions, manufactured at Betonika UAB: Akropolis shopping centres in Vilnius,  Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Kaunas, Mega shopping and entertainment centre in Kaunas, stores of  Rimi, Prisma and Lidl retail chains. Construction market participants in Belarus also have acknowledged solutions from Betonika UAB: in Minsk the Korona («Корона»), a shopping and entertainment centre, has been built with curved precast concrete facades, made with clinker tiles, Rapackala shopping centre and Green City, a multifunctional complex.

Betonika‘s UAB precast concrete solutions have been implemented in the following projects: Santaka Valley, an integrated science, studies and business centre at Kaunas University of Technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific Molecular Biology Centre of Excellence in Vilnius, the faculty of pharmacy at the Lithuanian University of Health Science, police station in Klaipėda, Ivabaltė, an agricultural machinery sales and service centre in Kėdainiai, Lidskoe pivo brewery in Lyda,  toy factory in Kobrin, Ryterna UAB factory in Karmėlava, Würth logistics centre in Ukmergė district, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP), reconstruction of the National Art Gallery and others.

SCANIA prekybos ir aptarnavimo centras Šiauliuose

KTU business center and parking

Shopping centre Greencity in Minsk

Thermo Fisher Scientific science center

Shopping centre Korona in Minsk

Police building in Klaipeda

Shopping center Akropolis in Kaunas

Shopping center RAPAckala in Minsk

DSV logistics terminal

Mitsubishi auto center in Kaunas

Shopping centre Panorama