Other buildings

Betonika UAB   manufactures precast concrete structures that are custom designed, therefore our Company  are able to offer exclusive tailor-made precast concrete solutions for construction of car parking lots, stadiums, columbariums and other structures.

Kaunas Akropolis shopping centre car parking, to construction of which Betonika supplied production items, was designed as a three-storey structure above Karalius Mindaugas avenue, where cars go in a circle on one-way route with exit paths to different streets of Kaunas. This way, in a restricted area in the centre of Kaunas, a solution was found to the problem how to accommodate up to 2400 cars without causing any traffic jam through car flow redirecting to different departure points.

 Precast concrete solutions from Betonika UAB have been tailored to specific projects, such as Siemens Arena in Vilnius, BATE stadium in Borisovo, six-storey car parking in Minsk (59 thou.m2, 2052 spaces for cars), the Lazdijai Hippodrome modernization, construction of agriculture purpose tanks and construction of columbariums in Panevėžys, and successfully implemented.

5-storey car parking in Pilaite

BATE stadium in Borisov

Columbariums in Panevėžys

4-storey car parking "Akropolis"