Stairs and Landings

Stairs and landings made from precast concrete are suitable to residential and other type house construction, because they are manufactured at the factory, and delivered to the construction site ready for assembling.

Stairs, flights of stairs and landings that are manufactured by Betonika, a manufacturer of precast concrete structures, can be of various types.

Precast concrete production items are designed as convenient and safe as possible. The number of stair steps depends on the height of a storey. Landing dimensions depend on this.

Precast concrete structures – flights of stairs and landings – are manufactured in accordance with customer‘s wishes. In the Table below, only several examples are given. They are intended just for primary selection of building structural elements, and cannot be used for drafting working drawings of a building project. Some dimensions are indicative and may change.

Laiptų maršo eskizas

Flight length in a mould

L* mm

Flight length

L*1 mm

Flight height

H* mm

Flight width

B mm

Step width

b mm

Step height

h mm

4329 3900 1980 1350 300 150
3592 3080 1750 1350 280 175
394 3250 2136 1350 250 178
4598 3780 2340 1200 270 180

Fixed dimensions: flight width- <B, step width - b, step height - h.

*Indicative dimensions