We provide full package of services, related to a precast concrete project: consulting services, designing, storage of production items for an agreed period, traverse for HCS rent, transport, installation (through subcontractors), works technical supervision and warranties.for

Betonika UAB activity concept is to provide a customer with full package of services:

  • Preparing a concept to meet customer’s need;
  • Designing the solution chosen;
  • Manufacturing the highest quality production items;
  • Transporting production items to the site;
  • Technical consulting services.


Designing is an extremely important part of construction works. Precast concrete production items are designed for each object individually. Reinforced concrete frameworks are designed optimally, to the purpose of each structure. Walls, beams, frame beams and floor slabs are manufactured at the factory in accordance with the working drawings. During project implementation, Betonika, a manufacturer of precast concrete structures, offers joint solution, joint preparing of technical drawings and consulting services.

Designing during early stages of a project makes it easier to propose an optimal constructional solution for a structure, utilizing one of our production benefits – possibility to span large holes, taking into account planned loading. Production items can be of various geometric shapes, with recesses for stairs, engineering communications and other purposes.

Benefits of precast concrete structures are utilized in full if characteristics of these structures have been taken into account during initial stage of works, a designing phase. Designing phase allows envisaging how one or other structural member is intended to be erected on the construction site.

Betonika, a leading company in the sector of precast concrete production, provides customers with an opportunity, using engineering resources and designing capabilities, to implement in practice ideas of the project economically and effectively. Betonika’s assistance in preparing drawings and provision of consulting services regarding insertion parts and materials allow effective development of and improvement in the final versions of production drawings, and ensures success of the entire project.


On customer’s request, precast concrete structures can be delivered to the construction site. Precast concrete products are transported on special transportation means. Walls, columns, floor slabs and stairs are delivered to the construction site in accordance with transportation schemes. Precast concrete structures, overall dimensions of which are larger than standard ones, must be transported with special permits.

Betonika, a manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete structures, have experience in transporting various precast concrete products and structures to the construction site. The Company follows all safety requirements when transporting such products. Betonika cooperates with transport companies that specialize in the field of transporting bulky and heavyweight precast concrete production items. On customer’s request, accurate and convenient schedules for product transporting to the construction site can be made. Floor slabs, stairs, walls and columns will be delivered to the construction site safely and timely.

Transporting can be performed on a customer’s vehicle as well. Specialists from Betonika will explain you how to load and transport production items properly.


Installation of precast concrete structures is an extremely important and responsible work. Precast concrete production items are designated. Designation indicates the number of the customer’s contract, production item part number and other information required. Also, dimensions and weight of the production item are indicated, as well as manufacturing date and other relevant information. Installation is carried out strictly following instructions. Each production item has its own installation procedure and requirements, compliance with which is necessary when performing precast concrete product installation. Floor slabs, stairs and columns are installed following installation instructions, prepared by Betonika specialists.