Precast Concrete Houses

Betonika UAB, first in Lithuania on the basis of Consolis Scandinavian technology, provides a whole system of structural solutions intended for high-rise residential construction: precast concrete slabs, heat-insulated three-layer sandwich-type external walls, internal walls, stairs and landings, lift wells, balconies, parapets and metal parts. Our specialists present structural solutions for joining the abovementioned construction components, and, on customer’s request, carry out full package high-rise residential design works, and what’s more, each production item from precast concrete is designed separately, envisaging future loads, reinforcement, connecting ties etc.

Multi-storeyed residential houses mostly have 4 to 25 storeys, still, modern precast concrete systems allow designing and erecting residential houses up to 40 storeys high.

By means of precast concrete production items, which are able to span holes up to 12 m long, wide and undivided house spaces are obtained. Such residential houses have great possibilities of usage and longer service time. Open spaces allow easy modifying of interior plan. Future residents are able to plan their apartment layout. Still, a possibility to adapt to changing situation and meet new residents’ needs remains. Large rooms can be partitioned and made smaller or vice versa.

Precast concrete structures allow fast construction of residential buildings, while short structure erection time reduces costs markedly. In addition, such type buildings have good sound insulation, good thermal insulation, built-in resistance to fire, good air quality etc.

Multi-storey residential houses with walls, floor slabs and stairs from precast concrete have aesthetic appearance, they are warm and highly durable.

Architectural possibilities of precast concrete construction are endless, because buildings’ facades can be finished in various ways.

Precast concrete walls provide good thermal resistance and excellent sound insulation.

Precast concrete elements - walls, floor slabs, facades and stairs - make up the whole system, required for construction of residential houses.