Facade Surfaces

Reckli® Surfaces

Precast concrete production items with original Reckli® surfaces are produced using specially made moulds of desired pattern.

Precast concrete walls with Reckli surfaces can be heat-insulated (three-layer walls) or one-layer walls, load-bearing or partitioning walls. 

Original Reckli® surfaces are firm like of ordinary smooth concrete, therefore such prefabricated structures on the construction site are assembled fast, and effectiveness of works increases, while the surfaces do not require any additional works on the construction site.

Buildings with Reckli® facades stand out because of their original appearance. More about precast concrete walls with Reckli® surfaces: www.reckli.de

Graphic Concrete

Precast concrete walls with graphic concrete finishing are produced in accordance with a certain technology. The walls can be heat-insulated (three-layer walls) or one-layer walls.

Graphic concrete finish surfaces of the walls are decorative, still at the same time retain all properties, by which structures with smooth surface are characterized:

  • Concrete has appropriate strength level, necessary for respective structures.
  • Precast concrete is reinforced in the same manner as structures with an ordinary surface, therefore their structural-design characteristics remain unchanged.
  • Graphic concrete surfaces are durable and reliable.
  • Walls are factory-made, which allows ensuring control of quality parameters.
  • Precast concrete structures are assembled fast and easily.

Exposed Concrete Surfaces

Betonika, a manufacturer of precast concrete production items, offers exposed concrete surfaces, which could differ in colour and concrete composition, still at the same time they comply with all requirements for structure loads.

Projects of houses with exposed concrete surfaces can be designed in a very creative way. For example, one wall can be finished with exposed concrete, while another – with clinker or Reckli etc.

Walls finished using exposed concrete are manufactured at the factory, therefore they are delivered to the construction site totally completed, and there is no need for any additional façade finishing works.

Precast concrete production items are totally completed, they are ready for assembling.