Bashallen® System

Bashallen system is composed of two modulated components: a ridge roof panel STT-type and a load bearing, heat-insulated external wall with complete facade finishing.

Precast concrete structures allow designing large internal open spaces with free spans up to 26.5 m and a variable length modulated on 2.4 m. In this way, large spaces are obtained, in which commercial shelves, production equipment can be arranged or cars parked without slightest restriction.

This property of the system provides wide designing possibilities and allows maximal utilizing of the spaces when making architectural decisions. Maximum internal height of premises can vary up to 8 m. Typical floors/ceilings are installed throughout the entire plan of the building or just in part of it. Aesthetic appearance of facades is created using elements with rounded corners and cornices of various surfaces and colours.

Precast concrete elements – floors/ceilings, beams, columns, walls, TT-type slabs – are used when designing the Bashallen system, which is suitable for construction of warehouses and industrial purpose buildings.

Thermal capacity and insulation of warehouses that have been built applying the Bashallen system ensure stable indoor climate with low energy consumption.

Among benefits of the Bashallen precast concrete system are large open spaces, reliable framework, fast construction, long reaction to fire and simple installation.

The walls (external ones, three-layer sandwich type) in the Bashallen system are composed of external textured concrete layer, 150 mm thickness thermal insulation layer and internal load-bearing concrete layer. The standard width of the elements is 2.40 m, and thickness 300 mm. Openings for windows, doors or gates are provided when manufacturing. Different surface finishing and colours are possible.

Significant advantage of the Bashallen precast concrete system is short construction time. At all times, customers tend to complete construction of their structure in as short time as possible. Therefore, the Bashallen system proposed by Betonika is especially attractive compared with other construction systems: prefabricated elements are erected fast and in a simple way, and high construction works performance is achieved. In addition, the external walls are prefabricated structures, which ensures watertight integrity, good thermal insulation and longevity of the structure.

Betonika, a manufacturer of precast concrete structural elements, in the annual contest Lithuanian Product of the Year – 2005, organized by Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists, was awarded a gold medal for Bashallen construction system.

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