Car Parking Lots

Betonika UAB has prepared a concept of parking lots (parking), which also is based on utilization of precast concrete structures. 

Depending on a location, car parking lots can be:

  • Over ground facilities;
  • Underground facilities.

Depending on the purpose of a car parking lot, these structures are designed for:

  • Permanent users (e. g., for residents of a house, office employees etc.) For users with permanent spaces for parking, parking lots are designed in a more compact way, because traffic is slower here, and both-way traffic can be installed.
  • Accidental users, who are not residing permanently, (e. g., supermarket visitors). In the places, where lots of changing visitors appear, the spaces for parking a vehicle are designed wider, and larger areas for traffic manoeuvring are intended. On such a car parking lot, just one-way traffic is foreseen so that there will be no traffic jams.

Basic types of parking lots are:

  • Sloped both-way type;
  • One-way type with a half-high storey;
  • One-way spiral type;
  • A type with sloping levels and descending exit path.

Betonika UAB has designed the Akropolis parking lot in Kaunas, a three-storey high, 62.1 thou. m2 area structure, which accommodates more than 2500 cars. Three storeys of this structure are built above Karalius Mindaugas avenue, known as a busy street in Kaunas.